How to earn $50 daily just sharing a other website links

One of the person had asked me on Quora that can i earn $2 daily (Rs. 100 Daily)? I have to tell you guys that $2 is very small amount now days to earn. You can earn more than that. There are thousand of ways to earn online and make it your full time career option. I will not tell you to make video, write article or publish podcast. This is very simple method to make $50 daily.

This is my 10 days earning. Now do not ask me that how much I earn till day.


Now come to main question as i mentioned on title that how you can earn $50 daily?

You can earn through URL shorten website. You can make any link shorten, share with your friends and let them know to click on it or you can even click on it to make money.

  • You can make up to $50 per 1000 clicks. I am making $35 per 1000 clicks due to my location.
  • There some ways to withdraw fund like Paypal, Paytm, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Esewa and Payoneer.
  • Minimum withdrawal limit is $5 and which is best advantage to use this website.
  • You can achieve this limit in just 2 days if you will work even in your free time.
  • You can also earn by referring friends.

 Now you are hungry to know that name of website and how is it work. Right? 

It will be difficult to explain you that how it is work. Just the below steps to know the website name and how it works.

Step 1: Click on below button. You will be redirect in another page.

Step 2: If you find any pop up or message, click on cancel button.

Now scroll the page down. You will see below button. Click on "Proceed" button.

Step 3:
Now you will see a ad. Do not click on it. Wait for 5 second and you will see a "Skip Ad" button below the page. Click on "Skip Ad" button.

Step 4: When you click on "Skip Ad", New page will open and scroll down. You will see a button as below.

Now click on "Visit Link" Button.

Step 5: When you click on "Visit Link", New page will open. Now you will see a Spin Wheel as below.


Click on "Spin" button. When you will click on spin, new page or ad will open. Do not click on any ad. Just back to spin wheel page.

Step 6: Now you will see a "captcha" options as below.

Click on check box beside the "I'm Not a robot" and click on "Continue".

Step 7: Now you will see a option as below. Click to "Open Url" and you will redirect to the website which I am talking about.

Now you will be redirect to sign up page.

How to sign up and start earning?

Click on below "Watch Video" link, Follow all steps as above and find video link to watch.

If you will start earning, Do not forget to comment below.

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