How to Make Money from Quora and Medium

How to make money from
Quora and Medium

Money is the necessity of life which satisfies all the wants of an individual. People do many things to earn this necessity i.e., money. There are multiple ways to earn money like you can choose any medium which will suite your schedule. Suppose, if you’re a student who wants to earn or a homemaker who don’t have much time for full time work, then they can earn through their home as well which will provide you good amount of income with less efforts.
There are many ways by which you can earn money. People also make money by answering the questions of the people and they’ll get paid for the same, it sounds kind of interesting.

You can also make money by doing the same on Quora and Medium. I’ll let you know how to make money easily from these two sites.

Let’s talk about Quora first:

What is Quora?
It is one of the most popular question and answer site on which people can ask questions and other internet users who know the answer reply to their questions. People can also edit the answers or tell their onions in a particular way, which will provide more information to the questioner. It is kind of fun to solve the questions of the strangers without hoping anything in return.

How does it work?
It is simple to use as described already above, people who wants to ask questions can simply ask it on Quora and anyone who knows the answer can answer that question and can also gain some views by the people on Quora.
 Now, let’s see how you can use it and make money with the following steps given below.

Method A. Earn with the help of Quora’s knowledge prizes:
If you got the skills to write professionally and give great answers to the asked questions, then you can directly become get rich by just doing some minor things on Quora.
So, what companies or individuals basically do is that, they ‘sponsor’ many questions for which they seek answers for. They offer prizes of hundreds or even thousands of dollars or rupees to the person whomever they find worthy for the answer given by them.
For instance, a startup can sponsored a question relating to its insight of work into customer relationships like:
Which is the best CRM for a marketing firm?
These kinds of questions an individual or a company can ask to the people. The company will pay the decided amount to the person whose answer they’ll think or believe to be best. The questions and answers are public to everyone, by which anyone can come and answer those following questions. The prize amount can range up to 200 to 1500 Rs. for now.

Method B. Use Monetized Link Shortners:
Many people give direct links into their given answers for better understanding and for their ease to approach them directly on Quora to some other site with the help of those given links.
If you want to monetize your links, then you can take the help of URL shortner after this you can share those shortened links on Quora and will get paid for some amount after each 1000 clicks on the links.
The amount of those clicks depends upon the country in which it is opened. Once the limit of the entrance is crossed, then you can transfer that amount into your bank account. You need to have a good strategy for sharing URL with the best tagline to make it catchy to the eyes would surely help. You can try many online sites to make your URL shorter. Some of them are given here, , and etc. Just sign up in any of these sites, paste your URL in it then shorten the URL and paste it in your article or in your quora answer.

Method C. Increase Traffic to Your Blog:
Whenever we search anything on Google , there’s always comes up an option of Quora which gives many answers and suggestions to the reader whichever he finds interesting to his requirement he may see it and read it.
For this, you need to have some good strategies and standard quality answers which will catch the eyes of the reader and will excite him to click on your link thus gathering huge targeted traffic of the readers to your site.

Method D. Affiliate Marketing Associate:
It is a type of a business marketing technique in which you will get paid some amount of money if you would be able to sell a product of the company. This is called Affiliate Marketing Associate. Quora will be the best platform for doing it. You can reach to the potential customers if you use the right techniques for promoting your product.
For instance, if you answered a question relating to a Web Hosting application, then you can promote that product in your answer by giving the customers some amount of discount which will definitely tempt the customers to buy that product and if that conversion happens and then you’ll receive your share of commission amount.

Method E. Selling Goods and Services:
You can also use Quora as a platform on which you can simply sell services and goods like any freelancing work in which you are good at. You can sell many things on your article like e-books and other stuff by using Quora and can earn profit on it. You can describe different pricing of your product according to your preference.
For this, you need to write high-standard content answers which will attract people to your answers and will automatically make more conversion of your product which will benefit you in return.
So, these were some of the options which you can incorporate in your write ups for writing on Quora and will provide you some profit in return.
Now, let’s talk about MEDUIM. It is also like Quora on which you can make money and can fill your empty pocket just by doing some minor stuff in a less amount of time.
What is Medium?
It is an online blogging and content publishing platform on which you can create your content and upload them on it. It was launched in 2012, you can find both kind of writer’s on it whether a professional or a beginner. It was initially designed as an alternative to the publisher who writes long and more content on the internet, than those on Twitter. We can say that medium is another Twitter for the bloggers who wants to showcase their writing skills.

Now, we’ll talk about some points by which you can earn money. There are many things which you can do on medium and get money in return. Given below are some of the points which you can consider while using medium.

Method A. Write Regularly on Medium:
If you got some skills of writing a good content, then you can also use medium on which you can post your articles and get paid in return of it. You don’t have to write longer content articles on your blog or many articles to your profile. All you need to write is quality and informative content to raise the traffic to your blogs.
If you can complete the need of the readers by writing the content they are looking for or the answers they can relate with, you can surely to start making money instantly. If you can find the problem of the readers and write upon it, your following will grow automatically.
If you’re a fresher and don’t know how to make this all workout, then you don’t have to worry about it much. You don’t have to use fancy vocabulary, just convey your message in simple words which will make them understand [reader] and will surely increase your reader’s base or traffic on your content. You’ll also start making money on medium like any other profession list. You don’t have to worry about the topics; you don’t have to do any market research of something for the topics to write on, just write on anything which will keep people mesmerized to your article. However, make sure you pick a topic in an area you’re good at and that will make use of your knowledge and experience. Always offer detailed information which have everything that a reader may find worthy, also don’t give irrelevant or half information to the reader’s which will not be beneficial for the writer and the reader as well.

Method B. Affiliate Marketing on Medium:
Just like Quora, you can also do affiliate marketing on medium as well and earn money by it. There are many writers who use medium, to promote their products through affiliate marketing and earn huge money through medium. There are many writers who think that affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways by which you can earn ample amount of money.
Affiliate programs pay commission for each product which they bought through your link. It is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.
In this you can promote any product on your blog and when anyone buys that product through your link given in the article, you’ll earn commission for that. And if you don’t want to promote other’s product, then you can also sell your own product. This might be possible when you have your own products to sell. You can sell any type of good whether it is physical, digital or any kind of services you want to sell out and get paid in return.

Method C. Promote Your Blog or Website on the Platform:
Another method which you can use for generating income through medium is by promoting your own blog, which means you need to own a personal blog of yourself. By having your own blog, you can earn passive income by itself even when you won’t be working on it.
If you got right strategies and efforts, then you can make lot money in just a day without putting efforts into your work. But, if not done in a right manner, then don’t dream about that green leaves into your pocket.
You need to work hard on your traffic base. If you’re not having that much of traffic on your blogs then there won’t be having much income into your wallet. Try to gain as much traffic as possible on your blog. You can increase this by promoting your blog on other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.
You can pick any affiliate program, according to your interest and requirement and you can start making money by it. Also don’t promote any product which you have not used by yourself and have no knowledge about the product. Here are some of the programs which you can use; , , and . You can simply use any of these programs and can earn easily. You can start picking any type of product which you may like and start promoting them on medium.

The amount of commission which you will going to earn depends on what kind of product you’re going to sell or which companies product you are trying to sale and what’s the rate which you have been negotiated with them. But, just to give you an overview about the commission, you can roughly earn up to 1% to 50% of revenue.

So, these were some of the methods which you can incorporate into your habit and start earning money by not doing much. There’s no other better option than this I guess. Make writing and reading your habit which will help you to improve your writing and speaking skills by which you can also write high-quality content which will result in more income. You can use any of them, whether Quora and medium both will help you to make money or passive income.
If you find this helpful, then please share it to your friends also and let them know the alternate ways to earn money.    

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