How to make money while staying at home



 Money is the basic need for the survival of a person. We can’t imagine our lives without money. People struggle each and every moment of their lives to earn money more and more to satisfy their unlimited wants. Some people do jobs, while some own businesses to earn their living.

But students and people who don’t have enough time to work through the offices, what they’ll do?
They can simply earn money from their homes with their full of comforts and have a source through which they can meet their requirements.
  Being a student, is not easy in this high standard world, which is getting higher and higher in the standard of living. A college student has lots of things to worry upon like:
·        What will be the price of a book relating to his/her course?
·        What kind of clothes he needs to wear in his day to day life?
·        Whether he should hangout with his friends or not?

All the needs arise in a student’s life which he has to meet. We all are familiar that, all our daily requirements of money can be or can’t be fulfilled by our parents and we are also studying, we can’t do a full time work. The only option which is left is to work from only which will help us to earn as well as it will help us to gain some work experience.

If you are a student or a lady who left her job for the convenience to her home, so here are some ideas to be considered:

1)     SELL YOUR USED OR UNWANTED ITEMS: If you are fed up using your regular items like: clothes, equipment’s, vehicles etc. You can sell them directly to the people who are in need for that particular item; in return you will get your “MONEY”. In this you don’t have to put many efforts and you’ll be enjoying your earnings. You can use different websites to sell your items at a reasonable price. The websites can be:, 5miles, LetGo and many more.

    2) INTERSHIPS: If you are a lady or a person who does not have an ample of time to go on a job or do some business, then you can also join any internship that provide Work From facility. In this you can also gain experiences and earn money in your comfort zone. Internships can be for one month or can be for a year. It all depends upon the internship you are looking for. There are so many applications available for the internships like: Interndshala, Awign, LinkedIn and many others.

3)     SELL YOUR PHOTOS ONLINE: You can simply click the photographs through smart phones and can sell them online on a websites. However, you don’t need to be professional to click the photos. In an increasingly visual internet, blogger’s, website owners, and others need quality photos for their content.

4) GET MONEY BY FREELANCING: It can also be treated as a part time work which you can do from your home. Freelancer’s take on a contract work for companies and organizations, which will hire them and you’ll get paid on it on the basis of hours worked or per hours. There so many websites available for the freelancing jobs such as:,, etc.

5) PLAY ONLINE GAMES: Such an interesting to do, while playing you will get an opportunity to earn as well. If you are an arcade or a poker champion, then you can play many games relating to the poker stuff. It is fun plus you can play it for free no extra charges given. Such websites are InboxDollars,, etc.

6)   PET CARE BUSINESS: With the increasing standard of the life people also consider their animal pet’s to live in a lavish ways. Most of the time, running a pet-services business won’t be from your home, but it can be fun when you’ll meet new people. Pet care can be of many types such as: giving pets a training, take the dogs for a walk and get paid instead, start a pet grooming business and earn money like a business man.

7)     START A HOME DAY CARE: If you have enough time to play and teach the children about the right and wrong, philosophies of life and if you love children then child daycare will be best for you. Starting a daycare home center, like any home business, takes a lot of work and researches, start-up costs and networking to get it going.

8)BECOME A TUTOR: If you have the skills and abilities to teach the children’s and student’s, then you can also start your coaching institute, where you can teach the students it can be your home or either a flat where you can provide all the facilities for the students like: chairs, whiteboard, stationery and smart classes etc. It will take some investments as well but it will give you returns in your long-run.

9)    RENT OUT A ROOM IN YOUR HOME: If you own a house with many rooms or floors, then it can be a way to earn money from. You can simply let out your rooms for the renter’s for a short period of time and in return you’ll receive a rent i.e., ‘Money’. You may rent many rooms of your home and can earn a wealthy income.

10)    BECOME A WRITER: If you love to express your thoughts and feelings, then consider writing in your own terms have money in return to your hard work. The coolest thing about writing is that you don’t need to be professionals in it; you can start small with very little experience. You can start your writing through blogging, fiction writing and children’s books.

11)START GIVING CATERING SERVICES: If you are good at cooking then you can start taking orders from your local customer’s and serve the services to them. You can also provide lunchbox to the offices and in schools. You may cook food from your home and render the services accordingly. You can get good amount of money by this service.

12)    BE A WEB DEVELOPER: Jobs that only rely on the Internet and mobile technologies are supremely adaptable to the people who want to work from home. You don’t to have a degree to be a web developer, if you got the skills for web developing then welcome to the developer’s society. You can earn the ample amount of money by web developing as the people are getting more reliable on the Internet.

13)    CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE:  This profile does not require more education and training. Here you have to deal with the people i.e., it is related to the telecalling. Where you will get a chance to talk to the customer’s. You can deal with their problems and grievances whether from the calls or through some other media like emails, social media etc.

14)VIRTUAL BOOKKEEPER: Bookkeeper’s record financial transactions for small business owners. You can do this kind of job from your home comfort. And also earn money through it. If you know the accounting basics then it is the best job for you. You can record all the transactions relating to a specific business. This will leads to the more money in your hand with which you can meet all your expenses.

15)    VIDEO EDITOR: If you got the skills relating to the video making and editing, then this profile is for you. You can operate your tasks from your home and do your work. Most of the companies and blogger’s need the video editor to male their video look more catchy, attracting and understandable to their targeted audiences and in return they will pay you some amount of your work that you had done for them.

16)    TRANSCRIBE: This job facilitates to converting the audio sounds into a written document for the companies and firms. These job perfect suits for the people who know multiple languages and can convert them in a given format. This kind of jobs provides per hour remuneration to their employees. It can be a good source of income for the people who have patience to listen and translate the given.

17)    BABYSITTER: If you want to earn money by not doing much then this profile might be good for you. You can start giving these babysitting services to near you and they can also help you to gain some more customers’. Babysitting can be based on the per hour remuneration. You can promote yourself on the social media for the babysitting services in your neighborhood as well.

18)    SURVEY TAKER: In this digital world everything is getting on the internet. You can now take surveys through the internet also while staying at home. There are many opportunities available to make money from home by taking job surveys from the legitimate companies. If you’ve got a little spare time and want to save up for a family vacation, then you can try these some great,, and many more.

19)    ONLINE GUIDE OR EXPERT: If your friends always look to you for some advice relating to their work like, where to go on a vacation, how to use their talent etc. No matter what kind of area you are expertise is, you can become an online guide for the people. Guides are the freelancers with an ability to communicate well. As a guide, you’ll be paid a percentage of the negotiated price per answer and for the number of answers you provide on the website like; People on the internet may come to you for your help and you can help them as a guide and get paid in return while staying at home. 

20)Eneighbor: If you consider your neighbors like your family and they trust you enough to help them out while they’re at work then, sign up for eNeibhor. This site allows you to accept and hold the shipment of your neighbors when they won’t be available at their home, so that their items don’t get stolen. Each and every eNeighbor is verified and each package is ensured up to some amount of money, so they can relax knowing that their belongings are in good and safe hands.

21)    BE A YOUTUBER: If you are good at making the videos or love to travel then you can start your own YouTube channel on which you can put different kinds of videos relating to the customer/viewer’s demand. There are so many YouTube personalities who have gained stardom through the YouTube by making videos that most of the people love to watch. Some YouTube personalities are Amit Badhana, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Benhiwal and many more. These are the people who make lot of people laugh. You can make a video relating to some kind of luxury, something relating to comedy etc. More the views and subscriber’s more the money you’ll earn.

23)    CREATE A COURSE: If you are good at something then, turn what you know into an opportunity to teach others through a course and get paid every time a student purchases your course or watches it if you promote your course on websites like These kinds of courses will be available to the students if they apply for the subscription for that particular course and you’ll earn through the monthly royalties (based on the minutes watched in your classes). The more videos you will make the more money you can earn. Some other popular platforms to create a course can be: Teachable, Undemy.

 So, these were the some ideas that might be helpful to you to earn the money when you can stay at your home. There are many other more ideas available to work from home. You guys can consider all the above ideas in your daily life to earn some extra amount of money to meet all the necessary requirements of yours. Thank you for taking some time from your schedule to read out the article. 


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