5 Ways To Make Money By Facebook

As we all know that now Facebook is not only about the enjoyment, communication, and making new friends due to high traffic and very popular platform. Now it has been become a great market place for business, organization, and marketer to promote their businesses.

Because of these Facebook become a great way to earn money online, I am going to show “5 Ways To Make Money By Facebook”. As follow.

  1.      Earn Money By Paid Marketing

Did you know Facebook Business?

No Problem!

Facebook business is Facebook portal for businesses and organization, in fact, it can be done by people who want to run Facebook ads.

If you know how to run Facebook ads, this is great way to earn great amount by Facebook. You just need a client who pays your talents and skills.
Here are few platforms where you can find out a client:

Freelance Platform:

There is a lot of platform for Social media marketer like, Upwork, and Fiverr, etc. If you want to earn money by Facebook Advertising. So, kindly join these websites and offer your Gigs.

Facebook Business Group:

It is another great place to find out client, here you just need to join large size of Facebook Business Group to offer your service and connect with the client.

Local Ads:

Search client near your locality, you may search the client locally. Just analysis daily newspaper to check out the business ads and offer them paid ads.

Note: If you don’t know about Facebook ads so you may learn it by YouTube just search these keywords on the YouTube “Facebook Marketing Tutorial” “Facebook Ads Step by Step Guide”.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

As I mentioned many time Affiliate Marketing is great way to make money online weather is it all to Facebook Marketing?

Recently I wrote about “3 Best way to Make Money by YouTube” and “Best Way to Make money online” and I have to explain in deep about Affiliate Marketing. If you’re totally unfamiliar or confused about affiliate marketing so I suggest you please go and read it.

Now, let’s come to the point,

Earning money by Affiliate Marketing on Facebook is an easy and quick way. You just need a good margin product to promote and earn good amount, you may choice Alibaba or eBay, these sites offer good margin. After complete registration, now start promotion of your Affiliate link in similar Group, Page, Profile, and in friends circle also.

  1.      Earn By Selling Facebook Likes:

There is less platform of liker seller on the internet, but there are a lot of businesses and organizations who will pay you to share a Facebook Page with your friends and family members.

If your a family member or friends have to simply click the “like” button on that Facebook page.

According to survival marketing reports, including one published by National Public Radio (NPR), people charge as much as US$ 75 to give 1,000 likes for any Facebook page. Others advertise the service on sites like Upwork and Fiverr.

  1.      Manage Facebook Accounts

Managing and optimization of social media account, especially Facebook page or group of a company, celebrity, or any public figure is very lucrative freelance and work from home option. There are scores of social media management jobs you can find online.
These social media management jobs that require you to manage Facebook pages or group can be done fulltime or even part-time remotely to earn extra money. They are advertised under various designations like Facebook Assistant, Social Media Manager, Social Media Expert, and myriad others.

5. Facebook Group

The Facebook user often open group and create pages on Facebook for various reasons. There are two categories of Facebook groups- Closed and Open. In an ‘Open’ group, people can join anytime. The other one is “Closed” category the group where membership is by application or invitation only.
Opening a Facebook group allows you to work as a cause or micro-influencer, business or political party. You may invite and offer friends to become members of the group and others too. Upon reaching the main desired level of membership, you can ‘close’ the group. The best thing of A ‘Closed’ group it allows you to influence members about anything.

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